Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Online Revolution?

Online journalism is a form of media which is constantly growing. Since the development of the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s by Tim Berners - Lee it has grown to be an integral part of everyday life as well as being a vital distributer of news and information. There are many views on whether this is a good thing or not and many journalists opinions vary depending on how they think its best communicated.
Journalist Phillip Trippenbach has shared the opinion that there is a journalism revolution where the ways in which information and news is shared is about to significantly change, mainly in the format which it is presented. Trippenbach is a firm believer that games are the main way in which news will be shared purely on the statistics of the volume of users. With 100% of the future technological generation playing games (ages 6-10) means that this could possibly be a correct analysis of the future progression of journalism.
With his beliefs of story modes and methods of presenting news I believe it could be a new and progressive way of presenting media to the general public. However I believe the traditional forms are never going to die and therefore I think the foundations of his argument for the media revolution are unfounded and although it could be a popular format, I don’t think it will become a primary news giver.

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