Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Is my blood any different?

I am going to write about something which is very close to my heart, however my writing here isn’t to get a reaction out of anyone, and it is merely to make a point.

The fact that homosexual males can’t give blood is one that is accepted by many people due to the stigma of gay people having aids as it’s the ‘gay disease’. This clearly isn’t the case as many straight men and women have unfortunately contracted this awful disease and it is a backward opinion that every gay person has aids.

I understand that the blood banks have to make sure that their samples they have are clean and safe for everyone to use to prevent the spread of disease for those who need blood. However surely there are plenty of homosexual people who have suitable blood who are being discounted purely on something they can’t control and on decisions they have made. It states on the website that you are not allowed to give blood if ‘You're a man who's had sex with another man, even safe sex using a condom.’ This basically discounts the whole gay community even if they have practised safe sex.

Is this a small attack on the gay community? How it is possible for a straight person to have unprotected sex and lie about it and give blood. But if you are gay and have had sex there is no way in which you can give blood.

My friend stated that ‘gay people can give blood if they are tested and screened beforehand’. That is fine if it was made clear on the website that this is possible. However it outright discounts the gay community with the statement on the website. Also if gay people can give blood if they are tested etc, why should they be? When it’s just as easy for a straight male to contract a disease as a gay male yet the gay male can’t give blood just because of his chosen sexual partner.

I find it infuriating and totally backward as with all of the technology we have nowadays surely everyone should be able to give blood despite gender, race or sexuality as long as the blood is clear from disease. I think it’s about time that the gay community stood up and said it’s not fair as why should be we be discounted as a community purely on what a small amount of people who believe this ancient gay tag.

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